Suicide Squad's Jai Courtney Chased Director David Ayer While Naked

By now it's no secret that things got pretty strange on set of "Suicide Squad." Between cast members giving each other homemade tattoos and Jared Leto tormenting co-star and crew while staying in character for The Joker, the Warner Bros. has its fair share of odd backstories. Throughout all of this, one actor seemed relatively subdued during the whole process -- until it turned out he, uh, randomly chased the director around while completely naked.

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Appearing Thursday on "Conan," Captain  Boomerang actor Jai Courtney recounted an R-rated encounter between himself and director David Ayer during filming. Courtney said he was lounging around his trailer naked, as one is wont to do, when Ayer unexpectedly dropped by to say hello. What happened next is probably best left to the actor himself.

"He comes in, and, look, I'm an impulsive dude," Courtney told host Conan O'Brien. "So I just kinda went after him."

However, unlike some of Leto's stunts during filming, it sounds as if Courtney's game of naked tag went over a bit better.

"Jay Hernandez, who plays Diablo in the movie ... I could hear him behind me saying, 'Sic 'em, boy,'" Courtney recounted.

All in all, Courtney seemed rather pleased with the entire episode, proving that sometimes you get an idea and just, uh, have to run with it. There's even photographic evidence, which O'Brien was happy to share on television.

Also starring Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ike Barinholtz, Scott Eastwood and Cara Delevingne, “Suicide Squad” is available for digital HD download now and will be released Dec. 14 on Blu-ray and DVD.

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