Suicide Squad's Deadshot Being Considered for Spin-Off Film

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn may not be the only "Suicide Squad" character to get her own film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is still considering Will Smith's Deadshot for his own spin-off movie.

The news arrived in THR's report about "Gotham City Sirens," which will find Harley Quinn leading a gang of all-female villains. Buried in the report is a small bit about Deadshot, which asserts that Warner Bros. is "looking into a spinoff featuring Deadshot, the assassin character played by Will Smith."

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Of course, that's far from a confirmation that a "Deadshot" spin-off will officially happen. After all, “Suicide Squad” received largely negative reviews, though it did go on to surpass the first “Iron Man” film at the global box office with a total of $318m. Nevertheless, the studio still seems to have faith in director David Ayer, who was just announced to helm "Gotham City Sirens."

What's more, the report also confirms that Warner Bros. is "still developing" a "Suicide Squad" sequel, which indicates that the studio is interested in expanding these characters. However, "Gotham City Sirens" is "furthest along" of all these DC Entertainment projects, so that film will probably be the first of these to hit theaters.

The report doesn't clarify how far along the "Suicide Squad" sequel or the potential "Deadshot" spin-off are in development, so it's difficult to hazard a guess as to when we'll see those in theaters. On the other hand, "Gotham City Sirens" has been fast-tracked, so we'll likely see that sooner rather than later.

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