"Suicide Squad's" Captain Boomerang is a Total "My Little Pony" Brony

Jai Courney's role of Captain Boomerang in "Suicide Squad" was a fun, brash, boomerang-wielding Aussie with a love alcohol and soft spot for an unusual pink unicorn. When asked about the significance of the unicorn by Empire Magazine, director David Ayer said it was a late addition to the film. "[Pinky] was actually intended to be a piece of set decoration in one of our office building sets."

In the film, Boomerang grabbed the unicorn before he and the squad took off on their mission. He regularly checked on the toy during the fighting, as it was stuffed inside his jacket. "I thought [Boomerang] needed a little something kind of fun and silly and it kept appearing throughout the film. It became a bit of a mascot," Ayer said.

This mascot was an adorable addition to Boomerang's character and humanized him in a way. On whether or not the unicorn made Boomerang a bonafide Brony (a male lover of "My Little Pony") Ayer said, "Yes, [he's a] Brony. Which is fine. I think it's a good thing and gives him a little hobby besides robbing banks."

Courtney stars alongside Viola Davis, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie in "Suicide Squad," which is currently in theaters.

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