"Suicide Squad" Scribe Rob Williams Teases New Mystery Member

Just after the film's release this August, DC Comics will kick off a new "Suicide Squad" series by Rob Williams, Jim Lee and Philip Tan. However, when the team returns following "Rebirth," they'll have a brand new member.

"One of these characters will be joining the team: Doomsday, Mr. Mxyzptlk or General Zod," Williams teased in the DC Comics Preview catalog.

Lee went on to discuss what he enjoys about the character and what drew him to the series, saying, "I love that they're all lovable losers. These are villains not good enough to escape Amanda Waller, but who have enormous responsibility. I love the idea they could possibly redeem themselves."

"Unlike a lot of franchise books, the premise of 'Suicide Squad' allows for characters to be killed. That brings a gravity to every situation that's distinguishable from the rest of the line," he added.

He also shared his excitement to work with Harley Quinn. "The fun with Harley is you can put her in different outfits," he explained. "My goal is to have her in a different red-and-black costume for every mission. It's more about the needs of the mission, not a costume that can be easily recognized by the public."

"I've found an interesting visual pairing with Harley and Killer Croc," he continued. "For whatever reason, it just feels right to me."

"I'm really looking forward to doing some cool choreography with Katana. I think she's a character that is going to bust out in a big way," he said.

"Suicide Squad" #1 goes on sale August 17.

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