Suicide Squad Director Insists There Aren't 'Endless,' Unused Joker Scenes


When Suicide Squad arrived in theaters late last year, perhaps nothing was the focus of fan ire so much as Jared Leto's take on iconic Batman villain, the Joker. Following the backlash, Leto defended his performance by stating his role in the film was cut, and that there were "endless" scenes featuring his psychotic super villain, enough that they might even warrant an entire solo movie focused on the Joker.

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Director David Ayer has now said that that is definitely not the case. After being asked by a fan on Twitter about an unused scene, he shot down Leto's claims, saying that no such amount of endless scenes truly exist, and thus are not being held hostage.

This is the second time this week Ayer has talked about Joker and his relation to Suicide Squad. Earlier in the week, he had said that he wished he had made the Crown Prince of Crime the main villain of the movie all along rather than Enchantress and Incubus. Leto is currently still set to play Joker for both Gotham City Sirens and presumably Suicide Squad 2 should he appear in the latter, though he won't be playing him in the upcoming solo Joker film which is based in a non-DCEU canon reality.

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