DC: 10 Most Heroic Things The Suicide Squad Did

Though DC Comics has the most notorious super-villains gathered together as one dysfunctional team, the Suicide Squad has managed to surprise everyone with the 10 most heroic things they committed. Government agent Amanda "The Wall" Waller knew what type of people would be needed to complete her most dangerous and extremely difficult missions. Even the most hardened criminals want a second chance to earn their freedom outside of their prison cell; even if they don't really deserve one. While offering an opportunity to reduce their prison sentence, Waller demands that these super-villains complete their suicide missions, which could actually get them killed.

In Legends #3, John Ostrander rebooted the Suicide Squad series with the covert-op team known as Task Force X, who were designed to undertake classified missions. These classified missions were kept from the Justice League because the important assignments asked for the superheroes to look the other way or cross the line. Even if members of Task Force X volunteered for the mission, Waller wanted an explosive implanted into the back of their necks. If someone in the team refused to follow orders or got out of line, Waller would then detonate the bomb.

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7 Their Mission to Moscow

The Suicide Squad are caught in the aftermath of the Soviet Union collapsing and a new Russian government taking the previous regime's place. In this political thriller of an adventure, the Suicide Squad discover the hard truths about what happens to rebels who fight for a better democracy.

Though they want to return back to the States, they gradually realize the inspiring influence that Zoya Trigorin, a revolutionary writer, has on his followers. While the team has to fight Russia's very own metahumans in order to pass, they start to understand why Trigorin wants to be a martyr for his own cause.

6 Defeating The LOA

The Suicide Squad find themselves taking on the drug cartel in the story arc The Coils of the LOA. The LOA stands for Louisiana Ordnance Association, a group of drug dealers seeking world domination through profit. With the demand high and enough supply to last, the LOA have invented a new drug craze based on Voodoo mythology.

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With orders from Waller, Deadshot and Poison Ivy have teamed up with a super-powered terrorist Ravan. The Suicide Squad has to assassinate members of the LOA before their zombie army becomes unstoppable.

5 The Squad Stops Their Impersonators

In John Ostrander, Kim Yale, and Geof Ishwerwood's Rumble in the Jungle, the Suicide Squad discover another covert team has stolen their name. Living on the island of Diabloverde, Edwardo "Guede" Guzman rules over the jungle as a tyrannical dictator with superpowers.

Guede's wife, Maria, is incredibly frightened of her abusive husband and begs Waller to kill him for her. Not only does the real Suicide Squad have to take down the fake team of bodyguards, they also have to overthrow the corrupt government and remove the dictator from his throne.

4 Harley Saves The Team

Harley Quinn learns what happens when you just follow orders and refuse to ask questions in Going Sane. In Rebirth, General Zod, Superman's arch-nemesis, has been retrieved from the Phantom Zone by the Suicide Squad. Though Waller thought she could control him, Zod has plans of his own.

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While using the energy from the orb, Black Vault, Zod manages to turn every Suicide Squad insane. With her sanity back, Harley realizes she has to save the team before they kill each other. After she saves them, the team rescues Quinn when her insanity returns.

3 Helping Superboy

The rebellious teenager known as Kon-El finds himself reluctantly teaming up with Suicide Squad in Superboy #13. Superboy unexpectedly rescues Captain Boomerang during an attack against the Silicon Dragons, a criminal organization within the Hawaiian islands.

Superboy and Suicide Squad have joined forces with special agent Sam Makoa to bring down their leader, Lady Dragon. King Shark uses the bomb in his belt to cause major damage to the base of operations run by the Silicon Dragons. In the nick of time, Superboy helps the team escape just when the entire reactor explodes.

Stopping The Crime Syndicate

In the Forever Evil storyline, the Justice League is presumed dead while The Crime Syndicate from Earth-3 has taken over the world. With Deadshot reuniting the team, along with Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang, they have to travel to the Rocky Mountains to retrieve the ultimate weapon.

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The Suicide Squad realizes the ultimate weapon happens to be the OMAC, a Brother MK 1 satellite with a data on every metahuman. Knowing it could fall into the hands of the Crime Syndicate, Captain Boomerang opens a portal and throws the OMAC into another dimension.

2 Helping The Doom Patrol

Task Force X find themselves unexpectedly crossing paths with another misfit team of anti-heroes in Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1. Henry Hall, aka Hawk, has been captured and is being held prisoner in Nicaragua.

President Ronald Reagan has ordered Amanda Waller to send her Suicide Squad and rescue Hawk. Another government agent, Jack, leaks the information to Negative Woman of Doom Patrol, but mentions that the Suicide Squad are really there to kill Hawk. Though both teams end up fighting, the Suicide Squad finally bring Hawk safely back home alive.

Fighting The Fiddler During Blackest Night

In the Blackest Night event, the dead have risen and The Fiddler intends on unleashing his undead army onto the world. The Suicide Squad finds themselves in a battle against the Secret Six, another team of highly trained covert operatives.

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With The Fiddler sending his reanimated horde against the clashing teams, Deadshot realizes what is at stake and this upcoming battle is really about preventing the apocalypse. Though they may be hated by others for being super-villains, the Suicide Squad risked everything in order to save the world from The Fiddler.

Enchantress Loves Killer Croc

Killer Croc had always been a tragic figure because of his gut-wrenching origin story. After being bullied by kids and abandoned by his father, Waylon Jones turned to a life of crime. Because of his monstrous crocodile appearance, Waylon thought he would never find happiness. In Suicide Squad #7, Waylon's life changed when he met June Moon, aka Enchantress.

Because she didn't see a monster, Killer Croc risked his life for her when Enchantress was under attack by General Zod. Realizing he did have true feelings for her, June finally embraced Waylon.

1 Helping The Justice League

The whole world was in big trouble when Eclipso reigned terror in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. Though the Justice League was supposed to put an end to the team of super-villains and shut down Waller's operations, they needed each other's help when Eclipso had gained the upper-hand.

Both teams had to put aside their differences when Eclipso managed to successfully block out the sun. Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost was the last person standing when she risked her life and sacrificed all her energy in order to defeat Eclipso.

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