Suicide Squad Made More Than Iron Man, Transformers at Domestic Box Office

After nearly four months at the box office, “Suicide Squad” has finally rolled to a close in theaters, and despite its not-so-receptive performance amongst critics, David Ayer’s film still managed to come away with a fairly impressive amount of money.

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According to Box Office, a site that tracks global box office data, “Suicide Squad” ended its theatrical run with $325,076,840 million from the domestic box office -- higher than both "Iron Man" and "Transformers." Considering its budget of just $175 million, that looks fairly impressive -- although the marketing budget isn’t known. Worldwide, the film grossed $745,576,840 million, meaning that it’s highly likely we haven’t seen the end of the quirky group of villains...

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The film is also set to hit retail stores on November 15, with a Blu-ray and DVD release that includes extra footage of Harley Quinn and the Joker. As most of you know, the Clown Prince of Crime wasn’t in the film for as long as fans would hope for, so the extended edition of the film looks to appease some of them.

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