Suicide Squad #1 Will Kill Characters With Years of DC History

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Ever since its debut 30 years ago, the Suicide Squad has sent the villains and antiheroes of the DC Universe on dangerous missions around the world for a chance at atonement. While many fan-favorite characters have emerged relatively unscathed from the assignments, this may no longer be the case.

Writer Tom Taylor, who will relaunch the DC Comics property alongside artist Bruno Redondo this December, has claimed that the team will live up to its ominous name and edict, with high profile casualties across the series.

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"For a long time, there's been a sense of safety around the Suicide Squad. The anti-heroes and villains have gone out on the mission, fought dirty, won dirty and most of them have come home," Taylor told The Hollywood Reporter. "In our book, that's not the case any more. The team we send out in issue one won't all live through the first mission. DC characters with years of history are going to be confined to history after issue one. Truly, no one is safe."

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This new team will act without oversight from its usual leader Amanda Waller. Fan-favorite characters Deadshot and Harley Quinn will be on the roster, as well as new characters like Thylacine and Wink. Taylor has also listed more obscure villains -- including King Shark, Magpie and Zebra-Man -- as being part of the initial incarnation of the team.

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Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo's new Suicide Squad series goes on sale Dec. 18 from DC. The issue features a cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado and a variant cover by Francesco Mattina.

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