"Suicide Squad": Katana's Loyalty, Secret of Her Blade Revealed

If there's one character we know Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) can trust on her "Suicide Squad," it's Katana.

In an interview with ComicBook.com at CinemaCon, Katana actress Karen Fukuhara revealed her character's allegiance in "Suicide Squad": "She's very loyal to Amanda Waller and Rick Flag. She works under them and keeps a rowdy bunch in line. She's a protector and a fierce warrior."

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Speaking on her trademark weapon, the Soultaker, Fukuhara teased one particular soul the blade stores within: "She has her husband's soul in her sword and I got to talk to Maseo throughout the film and yes, of course that's the in the film, but you'll have to wait and see how much of the plays into the movie."

Describing her experience performing stunts in the film, Fukuhara added, "I was really lucky because I blessed with a really great stunt double and stunt coordinator and they taught me all of the choreography during pre-production. I was able to do all of my own stunts except for one dive role, but all of my stunts. So, yeah, I got to run on top of a car, I did all of my sword work... It really made a difference when I knew everything from muscle memory and I didn't have to think about it when the cameras were rolling."

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Directed by David Ayer and starring Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney and more, "Suicide Squad" opens on August 5.

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