Suicide Squad: Joker-Batman Was Never Part of Film, Director Says

Remember that Hoy Toys figure that had the Joker dressed up as a twisted version of Batman? While a number of fans wondered if that was part of the movie that hit the cutting room floor, according to director David Ayer, it was never part of Suicide Squad's story.

Asked by a fan on Twitter whether Jared Leto had filmed any scenes in a Batman suit, or if it was simply a concept that didn't make it off the page, Ayer explained that the figure was simply a toy. What's more, it was never even a piece of concept art for the film, thus no wardrobe designs had been created for the movie.

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When the Hot Toys figure was initially teased, people expected to see it included in a Suicide Squad scene. The subsequent release of the figure, after the movie had already been released, led people to believe it had been cut from the film. At the time, there were rumors spreading that many of Leto's scenes had been left out due to his poor performance as the Joker, though Ayer recently debunked this theory, though it had been fueled by Leto himself in several interviews.

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