Suicide Squad: Jared Leto's Joker Makeup Test Divides Fans All Over Again


One of Suicide Squad's most divisive points was Jared Leto's Joker, with his look and role as more of a mob boss than fully-fledged Batman villain. An alternate look at the villain from Suicide Squad has once again divided fans on the Academy Award-winner's casting and controversial performance.

When Ayer shared an early makeup test of Leto on Instagram, viewers were quick to voice their opinions on social media. Ayer said it was an early makeup test for Joker and reiterated that "the research and fine tuning when crafting a character are endless." Once again, attention is drawn to the addition of gang tattoos on Joker's face and body.

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Highlighting the new addition of "ha-ha" eyebrows and the return of Joker's metal grill, one fan wrote: "More sh*t tattoos on an already disappointing Joker design, cool. Honestly I would probably overlook it if it wasn't for the grills, which is by far the worst part of his design." Other comments included, "How can I dislike this post?" and "Y'all need to stop with this sh*tty Joker."

However, it wasn't all negativity. Calling out the famously turbulent editing process of Suicide Squad that reportedly left a lot of Leto's material on the cutting room floor, someone added: "Please fight for a release of a JOKER cut so we can see his amazing work!!!" Talking about Joker's reduced role in Suicide Squad, another disgruntled fan added, "It's hard to give a review when i've only seen a glimpse of his version of the joker. Maybe a solo joker movie for him wouldn't be a bad idea?"

While Leto was supposed to become an integral part of the DC Extended Universe, the franchise's future slowly started to unravel after Justice League's poor performance at the box-office. After Ben Affleck's departure from his role as Batman, and with Matt Reeves moving ahead with a reported Robert Pattinson-led trilogy, Warner Bros. seems to be largely starting from scratch. There were once plans for Leto and Margot Robbie to lead a Joker and Harley Quinn spin-off, but news on that project has been scarce.

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