DC Launches Comic Sequel to Animated Suicide Squad Film

DC Comics has announced the launch of a digital comic book sequel to the forthcoming Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay animated film.

According to the official release, the weekly series will run for 12 chapters, and will be written by Jeff Parker (Batman '66) with art from Matthew Dow Smith, Agustin Padilla, Stefano Raffaele and Cat Staggs. DC's press release includes a five-page preview of the comic.

As Parker describes the digital comic, “Our story picks up immediately after the Hell to Pay animated film, and [Amanda] Waller is still on a personal mission to save her soul—and she’s willing to put the Suicide Squad through hell to do it."

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The film's official synopsis reveals that the team will go up against supernatural threats, and Parker says that will continue in the comic. "This time, the Squad goes way out of their element and around the world to face supernatural and ancient forces—and yes, Harley is in there too!"

The comic sequel will show that The Spectre is looking to take Waller's soul, and Jason Blood, and his demonic counterpart Etrigan the Demon, will be joining up with the Suicide Squad. While the Hell to Pay animated feature won't see digital release until March 27, and won't make it to DVD until April 10, the first chapter of the digital comic is available now.

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