"Suicide Squad" Goes 8-Bit In Fan Artwork

Although critics have been less than kind to Warner Bros.' "Suicide Squad" film, it still has plenty of fans, so much that it's been breaking box-office records. On Tuesday, it was announced that it had the highest ever opening-weekend gross for a film released in August.

But fandom comes in many shapes and sizes, and there are numerous ways to support "Suicide Squad" in addition to seeing it. For instance, you could create an 8-bit image of the super(anti)hero team, with each member posing as if they're stuck in a menu for an NES game.

That's exactly what Taiwanese freelance artist Pixel Jeff did on his Tumblr account. As an added bonus, each rogue has a distinct animated trait that repeats over and over. The Joker laughs, Harley Quinn emits cartoon hearts, and Killer Croc does...whatever Killer Croc does. Check out Pixel Jeff's work above in all of its mobile glory.

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