Suicide Squad: From the Ashes #1 Was a Freaky Comic Book

It is like John Ostrander just picked up the book right where he left it...FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!!! I guess that should not be much of a surprise, as the last issue of the Squad, back in 1992, was just as sharp as any of the previous five years' worth of comics, so Ostrander departed on such a high level of quality that it probably SHOULDN'T surprise/impress me that much that he was able to pick right up at the same level, but it does. It was so weird reading a comic like this without any drop-off in quality. Sadly, this is the last issue (I believe) set in the past, so this is the last we'll be seeing of the original Captain Boomerang, but I have faith in Ostrander's ability to make do with the newer characters he's given.

Buy this issue! It is good!

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