"Suicide Squad" Director Apologizes For "F--- Marvel" Comment

Following an inflammatory comment made against Marvel during the red carpet premiere of "Suicide Squad" on Monday night, director David Ayer has apologized. During his introductory speech at the film's premiere, Ayer repeated a fan's chant of "fuck Marvel." But the director didn't waste much time apologizing for the remark, sending a tweet a few hours later that reads:

Sorry about getting caught up in the moment and saying f*ck Marvel. Someone said it. I echoed. Not cool. Respect for my brother filmmakers.

- David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) August 2, 2016

This isn't the first time that the director of a DC film has commented on Marvel. "Batman v Superman" director Zack Snyder also stoked the rivalry back in late 2015 when he likened Marvel's "Ant-Man" to the "flavor of the week."

Directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Viola Davis and more, "Suicide Squad" opens on August 5.

(via Variety)

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