"Suicide Squad" Cut Harley Quinn's New 52 Costume

Add one more element that appeared in a trailer for "Suicide Squad" but was missing from the final film: Harley Quinn's New 52 costume.

The red-and-blue bustier from DC Comics' 2011 relaunch was spotted this week by sharp-eyed Redditor NoSleepVia, who posted a screenshot of the sequence.

It's from the scene in which Margot Robbie's fan-favorite antiheroine goes through a chest of her belongings, and lovingly pulls out some of her favorite possessions: the classic jester costume (complete with a letter "J" zipper pull), her trademark mallet and a few other items, until she finally settles on the "Daddy's L'il Monster" ensemble.

Missing from the sequence is Harley having a moment with her New 52 costume. Why the blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment didn't make the cut is a bit of a mystery, as writer/director David Ayer has been quoted as saying he drew inspiration for Harley's costume from the New 52.

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