Suicide Squad Concept Art Reveals the Scarecrow, a Batmobile Hijacking


On the heels of the film's Academy Award win last night, concept artist Ed Natividad has shared some of his work from "Suicide Squad," offering looks at the Joker in some new situations, and one of Batman's rogues that didn't make the final cut: the Scarecrow.

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In the newest set of concept art to come forward for the film, we see an interesting piece that reveals a possible showdown between The Joker and Batman that didn’t make it into the film. The Clown Prince of Crime appears to have commandeered the Batmobile, taunting the Dark Knight. In another image, we see the Joker emerging from the wreckage of a downed helicopter, a scene we know was shot as portions of time made it into early trailers before it was scrapped from the final cut.


Another piece of art reveals that at one point, the Joker had a much large part t play in the film's climax. The scene shows the villain directly involved in the final battle, standing between the Enchantress and her former teammates presumably brokering a deal... or, more likely, fanning the flames of confrontation.


In a bit of continuity mis-step, we see the Joker and Harley out for a night on the town, celebrating with a quick trip through the drive-thru at McDonald's. Of course, as any DC Comics fan knows, this is 100% impossible, as the only fast food chain worth visiting -- or robbing -- is Big Belly Burgers.


Perhaps the biggest revelation in the batch of art, though, is that of fear-instilling Gotham City villain, the Scarecrow. Whether he was intended to be a member of Task Force X, or if his appearance was tied to a side-try of Batman and the Jokers we don't know, but one thing;s obvious -- this is a scary Scarecrow.


Natividad's vision of the villain imagines Dr. Jonathan Crane looking like a living version of his farm-based namesake, complete with hay sticking out of his pant legs and shoes. Only time will tell if he makes it into a future DC Films project, but this Scarecrow certainly looks menacing enough to fit into the new DCEU world.

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