Suicide Squad 2: Who's Who in James Gunn's DC Reboot

The Suicide Squad starts production this year and a new report indicates that the main characters for the James Gunn movie have taken center stage. They include four new members and possibly three returning members, though one is apparently being recast.

According to Collider, the four new members are Ratcatcher, Polka-Dot Man, King Shark and Peacemaker. They will reportedly join a new Deadshot, with Idris Elba in talks to replace Will Smith in the role. Margot Robbie is said to be returning as Harley Quinn, along with Viola Davis' Amanda Waller.

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While Warner Bros. has yet to confirm or deny the reported roster, CBR breaks down each one and what they would bring to the Suicide Squad team.


Of the team's new members, King Shark is the biggest name. In fact, Arrowverse fans just saw King Shark on The Flash, where he recently fought Gorilla Grodd in a battle of giant CGI monsters.

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King Shark originally appeared in Superboy Vol. 4 #0, where he fell to the hero. After being taken into custody, he was forced to join the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller in a version of the team that included Deadshot and Captain Boomerang.

Later, King Shark became an enemy of Aquaman. DC Comics' New 52 continuity reboot reinvented the character as the offspring of a Hawaiian shark deity called Kamo, who became a criminal overlord in Atlantis. He was also part of the Suicide Squad during this time, making his first New 52 appearance in Suicide Squad Vol. 4 #1.

King Shark can live either underwater or on land, thanks to the fact that his mother was a human, and he equals Aquaman in strength. He is the only member of this new version of the team that has actual superhuman powers.


Suicide Squad 2: Who's Who in James Gunn's DC Reboot

Out of the four new characters mentioned for The Suicide Squad, the only one that has an actor possibly lined up is Peacemaker. According to the reports, James Gunn has designs on recruiting Dave Bautista to play the role of this antihero.

Peacemaker originally appeared in 1966 in the pages of Fightin' 5 Vol. 1 #40. His entire reason for living is a paradox; he loves peace so much, he'll kill to keep it.

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In the comics, Peacekeeper was a man named Christopher whose father commanded a Nazi concentration camp. Later in life, he starts to see visions of his father, visions that drive him to excel in everything he does, leading him to join the Army during the Vietnam War.

After enlisting, he massacred an entire village of innocent people and went to prison. He was let out early in exchange for joining a U.S. government team called Project: Peacemaker. As his mental illness worsened and the excess of his violence increased, he was later inducted into a group called the Shadow Fighters by Suicide Squad mastermind Amanda Waller.


Suicide Squad 2: Who's Who in James Gunn's DC Reboot

Ratcatcher was originally introduced in Detective Comics #585 as a man named Otis Flannagan. The Suicide Squad, however, will reportedly genderswap the role and cast a female actor in the role.

In comics continuity, Otis was a ratcatcher in Gotham City who claimed he could train rats to attack. He was later sentenced to a 10 year prison sentence when he stabbed a man to death in a fight. When he got out of jail, Otis took on the identity of Ratcatcher and sought revenge against the people responsible for his arrest and conviction.

It turned out he wasn't kidding about his ability to train rats to serve him. In addition to this rather creepy ability, he also had skills in chemistry which he'd use to create poison gas.

Not only will Ratcatcher in the movie be female, the script reportedly has Deadshot playing a surrogate father role to the young villain, taking a strong interest in her well-being.

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