If Suicide Squad 2 Is Resurrecting the Dead, Someone Has Missed the Point

WARNING: The following article contains potential spoilers for Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad 2, expected for release in 2019.

From the title alone, we knew what the members of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad were getting into. They were forcibly sent on deadly missions because their superpowers offered the greatest chance for success where it was impossible for regular soldiers. If they disobeyed, Waller would blow them up. If they failed, they would also likely die, and that'd be okay. After all, they're there because they're expendable. These unique circumstances gave us a different kind of superhero film, one in which the death of a main character was not only possible, but was basically a certainty.

And a major death did occur by the end of the film when El Diablo, one of the most likable and relatable of the antiheroes, valiantly sacrificed himself to save his new family from annihilation at the hands of Incubus. He didn't last long against the villain, but that didn't make his explosive exit any less spectacular and meaningful. That he was a fan favorite made his death that much more impactful. It was a bold move, but ultimately a welcome one, and despite the first film's flaws, we can't wait to see how the squad was affected by this noble act.

But wait...

The sequel to 2016's Suicide Squad (directed by David Ayer) is set to start production later this year, which means that around this time, all the actors involved are getting started on the preparatory intense workouts that superhero films demand. At least, that's what we gathered from a recent photo posted on Instagram by Joel Kinnaman, who plays Rick Flag.

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You may notice Jay Hernandez is in the shot as well. Now, he could just be a passionate gym nut who loves training with friends, but rumors tell us his character, El Diablo, will be returning in Suicide Squad 2. This isn't a new rumor. In fact, fans have speculated that this would be the case ever since Hernandez vaguely hinted at a potential return in an interview in which he stated that El Diablo's return wouldn't be impossible, though he refused to elaborate on that comment.

This raises a few questions, chief among them being, does whoever is in charge of developing the sequel not understand the idea behind the Suicide Squad?

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