Suicide Squad 2: Dave Bautista Wants to Join James Gunn on Film

Dave Bautista as Drax

Following news that James Gunn is in talks to write and possibly direct Suicide Squad 2 for Warner Bros., his Guardians of the Galaxy actor and close friend Dave Bautista indicated he'd love to join the DC film.

Bautista, whom Gunn hired to play Drax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2014, expressed his excitement with a tweet that read: "Where do I sign up!"

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The former WWE star has been one of Gunn's most vocal supporters since the director was fired by Disney for a slew of old, offensive tweets, even expressing his desire to part ways with the franchise if Gunn wasn't reinstated. Gunn’s brother, Guardians actor Sean Gunn, indicated last month that the studio still intends to use James' script, but that still hasn't been enough to sway Bautista's position and his overall outrage over the decision to axe Gunn.

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With Disney not backing down on its stance and this current development, it seems like Bautista will have a decision to make in the future, especially as the Guardians of the Galaxy threequel was put on hold in the Marvel Studios docket.

There is currently no release date for Suicide Squad 2.

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