"Suicide Squad" #2 Backup Story Will Dig Into Captain Boomerang's Rebirth Origin

With a new twice monthly schedule, each issue of DC's newly-launched "Suicide Squad" series will feature 13-page lead stories with 7-page backups. Information for the backup story from "Suicide Squad" #2has been released, as seen at Previews World, and it will focus on one Squad member in particular: Captain Boomerang.

The backup from writer Rob Williams and artists Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert is titled "Captain Boomerang: Agent of Oz" and will feature Amanda Waller uncovering the "implausibly impressive origins of the Suicide Squad's most loathsome member." The story promises to answer one very important Captain Boomerang question: "just who made Boomerang a captain anyway?"

The lead story, also written by Williams, will feature art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. You can read the solicit text teasing the main story from "Suicide Squad" #2 below.

"THE BLACK VAULT" part 2! What was meant to be a routine mission to retrieve a "cosmic item" from an undersea fortress has become a nightmare beyond anything the Suicide Squad ever expected. And with half the team down, it's up to Harley Quinn, Katana, and a demon-possessed graphic designer named June Moore to save the Squad from the most dangerous man in the DC Universe. That's right...they're screwed.

"Suicide Squad" #2 arrives in stores on September 14.

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