Sugar, spice and everything nice: Ben Caldwell's manga Wonder Woman pitch

Last summer Ben Caldwell's Wonder Woman strip was featured in the now legendary Wednesday Comics, and now the writer/artist is pitching DC another story featuring Diana Prince ... this time as a manga character. You can check out some of his art here and here, and he explains the idea in the comments section of that second post:

right now this is just (part of) a proposal. i have no idea if DC will go for it or not -- someone else tried a WW manga pitch a few years back, and while it was obviously very different from mine, i don't know how comfortable DC is with any superhero comic that is not in a more conventional style/format. i mean, unless it's paul pope or frank miller or someone, you know, famous.

but we shall see!

If you go backwards in time on his blog, you can find a lot of other Wonder Woman artwork, as well as a post about a Batman idea he had. Or you can head over to Pimpernel's Blog, who has collected several of the pieces in one convenient post.

Also, the other Wonder Woman manga pitch he mentioned was by Tintin Pantoja, though it looks like she took her pitch down from her website.

(Thanks Simon!)

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