Stephen King’s Suffer the Little Children to Get Movie Treatment

stephen king under the dome suffer the little children

One of Stephen King’s early short stories, “Suffer the Little Children,” is slated to become a film. The announcement comes just days after Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of It smashed through expectations at the box office, netting over $100 million in its opening weekend.

“Suffer the Little Children” was first published in 1972 in the men’s magazine Cavalier, and was later reprinted in King’s Nightmares & Dreamscapes horror collection. The story follows a third grade teacher who comes to believe that children in her class are being replaced by malevolent, lookalike entities. The doppelgangers test the teacher’s sanity until she takes matters into her own hands.

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The movie adaptation will be written by Sean Carter, who recently directed the yet-released Keep Watching, a horror movie about a family that struggles to survive a home invasion. Suffer the Little Children will be produced by Craig Flores, Nicolas Chartier and Sriram Das.

While It was a box office surprise, another Stephen King adaptation, The Dark Tower, failed to impress moviegoers and critics alike. That film, starting Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, has thus far only grossed $107,310,620 globally.

(via Variety)

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