''Suddenly, I learned fear.'' Dean Haspiel contributes to '9-11: Emergency Relief'

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Since the September 11th attacks on America the comics community has publisher a variety of tribute books and comics to raise money for relief efforts. Marvel Comics' "Heroes" was releases last week. DC Comics has a project in the works, but they're not talking yet. Auctions sponsored by Oni Press and others are raising money for relief efforts, too.

Another one of those projects you've heard about here at CBR and elsewhere is one that brings together the top talent in the independent comics field under the title "9-11: Emergency Relief."

This past Friday CBR News brought you the latest on this project including a preview of a story by artist Tom Beland. Today we bring you a look at another piece that will be a part of this book.

Dean Haspiel is one of the many artists contributing to the "9-11" tribute book. For those of you not familiar with his work, Haspiel is the creator of "Billy Dogma" published by Top Shelf and "Opposable Thumbs" coming from Alternative Comics. Haspiel drew the Captain Marvel story in "Bizarro Comics" from DC Comics earlier this year and has some work coming up for Marvel Comics.

Click the links to the left to read Haspiel's contribution to "9-11: Emergency Relief" which tells how he experienced the attacks from his apartment not far from ground zero.

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