<i>Sucker Punch</i> Short Shows Brief, Sad Life Of A Zombie Soldier

There are zombies in Sucker Punch. Maybe not the traditional Romero-type that fumble around moaning for brains, but the dead do indeed walk in Zack Snyder's first original film. They do more than that even. They run, they shoot, they throw punches ... they get shot a lot. That's the rough lot zombies have in film. If you see one on a movie screen, chances are high that its undeath will be cut short soon in one way or another.

Which is why I love "The Trenches," the new animated short pegged to the movie, which shows exactly how the zombies in Sucker Punch come to be and what goes through their scarred heads as they are sent back out onto the battlefield. You may not identify with the poor undead soldier you see below (or in high definition at iTunes), but you'll definitely sympathize with him for being caught up in a system that builds an army of warrior corpses.

Or maybe you'll just marvel at the pretty pictures. Either way, enjoy.

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