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All-New Wolverine 21

ResurrXion is here. With the release of "X-Men Prime" today, a bold new era of X-Men comics has arrived. While a number of new ongoing series will debut as part of ResurrXion, a pair of series will keep on keepin' on as they move into the new status quo. One of those series is "All-New Wolverine," the series starring Laura Kinney and her sidekick/clone/sister Gabby. Having just survived the gauntlet of "Enemy of the State II," Wolverine has an all-new challenge coming her way in a bold new storyline.

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Next week, "All-New Wolverine" writer Tom Taylor returns to X-POSITION to answer your questions. Have a question for Tom about Laura's ResurrXion adventure? Send it in via an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position", leave a comment in the CBR Community thread, or comment on this article. But get 'em in quickly because the deadline's Friday! Make it happen!

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