Submit Your X-Position Questions for Gerry Duggan

As is to be expected with a team of heavy-hitting heroes, things have not been easy for the Avengers Unity Squad featured in "Uncanny Avengers." The team isn't listening to their field leader Rogue, Synapse discovered that her grandfather is a supervillain, Cable gave the group apocalyptic warnings and the team still has to put up with Deadpool being Deadpool. With this week's "Uncanny Avengers" #5, even more developments occur that take the team down a dangerous road.

Next week, "Uncanny Avengers" writer Gerry Duggan finishes up his two-week stand at X-POSITION by answering your questions. Have a "UA" question for Gerry? Send it in via an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position" or leave a comment in the CBR Community thread. But get 'em in quickly because the deadline's Friday! Make it happen!

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