Submit Your X-Position Questions for Chris Sims & Chad Bowers

The X-Men survived Alpha Red and a massive vampiric threat just in time -- for Lilapalooza! This summer, the "X-Men '92" cast will be working security for intergalactic rock star Lila Cheney's concert festival, which provides the perfect venue for cameos galore. Yes, the X-Men will be crossing paths with real world rock bands like the Flaming Lips and Toadies -- but they'll also be mixing it up with classic Marvel UK character Death's Head. This summer's going to be hot for the X-Men of Westchester.

Next week, "X-Men '92" writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims return to X-POSITION to answer your questions. Have a question for Bowers and Sims? Send it in via an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position" or leave a comment in the CBR Community thread. But get 'em in quickly because the deadline's Friday! Make it happen!

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