Submit Your X-Position Questions for Chad Bowers & Chris Sims

Even the end of the world-altering, dimension-destroying event "Secret Wars" couldn't keep "X-Men '92" from clawing its way back into the hands of fans. The series, which serves as a bombastic continuation of the '90s-era X-Men, made a splash as a digital-first series during the Marvel event's run last summer. Now the series is set to return later this month in the form of an all-new monthly series. But which '90s mutants will appear in the series? Will any newer X-additions get a '90s makeover? And how many servings of chili fries will Jubilee order at the mall?! These are some of the many questions that need answering before "X-Men '92" #1 arrives!

Next week, "X-Men '92" writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims return to X-POSITION to answer your questions. Have a question for Bowers and Sims? Send it in via an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position" or leave a comment in the CBR Community thread. But get 'em in quickly because the deadline's Friday! Make it happen!

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