Submit Your Answers For The X-Position New Year's Round-Up

Marvel's mutants have been through a lot in 2014. They've survived another trial of Jean Grey, the reading of Professor Xavier's will and World War Wendigo. Cyclops, Magneto, Nightcrawler and Storm flew solo while a group of new X-recruits bonded during harsh training sessions in the Canadian wilderness. Dazzler got an extreme makeover and Rogue returned from the dead. They survived battles against the Sisterhood and Sentinels, took a job with Serval Industries and got a crash course in ethics from Spider-Man. But not all of the X-Men escaped this year unscathed, as the "Death of Wolverine" event proved that even the toughest of mutants was not invincible.

To commemorate the passing of one year and the arrival of a new one, we are doing our second annual New Year's round-up X-Position next week. To make this happen, we want to hear from you -- the fine readers of this column! Go ahead and send in a few words answering one, some or all of the questions below and we'll print the best responses in our final X-POSITION installment of 2014. To keep all of your responses a surprise to your fellow X-Po readers, we will only accept those sent in via email. All submissions need to be in by Sunday, December 28. Here are the questions -- get to answerin'!

  • What was your favorite X-Men moment of the year and why?
  • Who should win X-Character of the year and why?
  • Which series are you most looking forward to in 2014 and why?
  • Which character are you hoping makes more appearances in 2014?

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