Sub-Mariner, Wonder Woman, Avengers, The Dark Knight: September 14th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Variety "Terminator 3" director Jonathan Mostow will write and direct the adaptation of Namor's story, which will be the film maker's next film. Kevin Misher is producing through his Misher Films along with Marvel Studios. Universal's Peter Cramer is overseeing for the studio, Kevin Feige for Marvel. David Self wrote an earlier draft of the screenplay.


Speaking of scantily clad altruists, Life Style Extra is rumormongering that "'The O.C.' star Rachel Bilson is reportedly set to play Wonder Woman in the new comic book movie ... A host of Hollywood stars had been tipped for the role, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cameron Diaz and 'Van Helsing' actress Kate Beckinsale, who turned down the part saying she 'did not want to embarrass her daughter' by wearing the revealing outfit."


According to the Hollywood Reporter (subscription required), Marvel "intends to release a live-action 'The Avengers.' Set to pen the screenplay is Zak Penn, the writer behind the last two 'X-Men' movies from 20th Century Fox and Marvel. Executives spoke briefly about their 'Avengers' plan Wednesday during a presentation to Wall Street analysts at the Merrill Lynch Media & Entertainment Conference in Pasadena."


Actor Heath Ledger (whose quotes yesterday inspired a wave of hate mail ... that for some reason people sent to the Comic Reel, like we know this guy) is quoted at MSN Movies saying "I love, love, love what Nicholson did. [But] his performance was catering to the style of directing the movie was made under. It was a Tim Burton film. It wasn't Chris Nolan."


Iconic actor Bruce Campbell is featured in the latest video blog at the official website, again discussing his role in the movies.

Meanwhile, James Franco talked to If Magazine saying that rumors are not true about the reshoots. "That's actually much ado about nothing about some test screenings that never took place, and the fact that there wasn't a lot of action -- that was all baloney," Franco said. "I think I was asked what I was going to be re-shooting and I said 'some action scenes' scenes that were already in it. I actually haven't gotten back to it yet."


Superhero Hype has a story about the rights for the renowned anime/manga franchise being sold to Imagi Animation Studios ("TMNT," "Gatchaman").


There's a rumor at Ain't It Cool News claim that Norrin Radd may be less virtual and more realistic. "The character is being created using a body-suit that is sprayed in a chrome-ish, silver paint scheme.It also appears that the face of the surfer is a fixed, contemplative expression in the head piece appliance with limited mouth movement that will be articulated by Jones' performance in the suit. Additionally, there have been numerous challenges related to placing him within a green screen environment."


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