Sub-Mariner, Green Lantern, Elektra, Smallville: December 3 Comic Reel Wrap


Imperius Rex! Variety is reporting that "Harry Potter" helmer Chris Columbus will be bringing the tale of Atlantis' Avenging Son to the silver screen. Marvel's film guru Avi Arad and former Universal production president-turned-producer Kevin Misher are producing the film along with Columbus and his 1492 Productions. David Self ("Road to Perdition") wrote the script and is executive producing the film. No word on a release date was given, but in last November's Marvel analyst conference call, they noted that we'd see the film surface in 2006.


IGN's FilmForce talked to screenwriter Dan Harris, who talked briefly about this film and "X3." "We don't start until March, but yeah, we're on our third draft right now and we've done, I mean, you know, the requisite first draft, [then] chop off ten to fifteen pages, you know? It's too expensive, it's always too expensive. But it's being molded and kind of shifted and coming along really quickly, so any work that we're doing now, it's going to, by the next chapter, turn into really minor tweaking and just getting in there and making scenes better, as opposed to 'X-Men,' where we did about 28 drafts, and halfway through those 28 drafts, we were still rewriting the whole movie every time. It was still, like, major shifts in story. Not this time around, this time around it's pretty much there."


"The Mysterious Stranger" sent an email to our old friend Rob Worley, who forwarded it on to us, which we'll quote here: "Apparently ... 'Farscape' star Ben Browder was up for the role [of Green Lantern]. At the 5th Annual Farscape Convention in Burbank, California, Ben was in attendance. During the Q&A period of his talk on Sunday Nov 21 he was asked about the GL rumors. His response was that he hadn't heard anything about it but his agent was going to hear about it the following Monday. To his knowledge he isn't up for the role, although he did say that it was possible (emphasis on possible) that his 'people" were keeping him in the dark so as not to get his hopes up.'"


We received an email from Andy Tims of Substance 001, who pointed us to a slew of links for a trailer, and three different movie clips from the Jennifer Garner-fueled action film. If you'd like the trailer bigger, replace "low" in the URL with "mid" or "high" and if you'd like the clips larger, replace "030" with "100" or "330" and that'll do the trick. Enjoy!


Devoted to Smallville has what appear to be the most complete spoilers for this season's 14th episode, a deceptively titled one with a canine focus.


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