STX Entertainment Announces Uglydoll Animated Film

STX Entertainment has announced a new family-oriented division as well as plans for an animated featured based on the popular Uglydoll toyline, Variety reports.

Pretty Ugly LLC, the company behind the award winning toyline, will partner with STX Entertainment to bring the Uglydoll franchise to other platforms as well, including games and television. Uglydolls' global recognition and popularity in Asia drew the studio to the franchise.

"We created Uglydoll on the premise that real beauty is found in the little twists and turns that make us who we are," Uglydoll co-creator David Horvath said in a statement. "We could not be more excited or optimistic about the future of the Uglydoll universe in the hands of the STX Entertainment team."

Hovarth, who co-created the franchise with Drew Matilsky, went on to praise the studio, saying that they understood the characters and would maintain the product's integrity.

"The creative vision behind these dolls is extremely detailed and very rich for storytelling across many platforms," explained Adam Fogelson, chairman of the motion picture group for STX Entertainment. "The moment you see these characters, you get their whole world immediately. They are endearing yet fundamentally flawed in some real and identifiable way. That's what makes them so relatable. Kids and adults love these characters because we all can understand the challenges and triumphs of being different."

The Uglydoll animated feature will be the first of several family-oriented projects for STX Entertainment in the company's first-ever initiative of this kind.

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