Stun Your Enemies With A <i>Stargate</i> Zat Gun! [Auctions]

Have you ever wanted to own a weapon that has the potential to stun, kill and disintegrate your greatest enemies? Of course you have — it's only normal! Well, we're back with another Spinoff Online exclusive first look at one of Propworx's awesome Stargate auctions. This week, we're showcasing the Zat Gun and Holster first seen on Stargate SG-1, a weapon with the ability to stun your enemies and then some!

Read on for a more detailed description of the item and information on how to bid, courtesy of Propworx's David Read!


David Read: The Zat'ni'katel is arguably the second-most recognized weapon in the entire Stargate franchise, next to the Staff weapon. Both are Goa'uld devices, but only this one can stun, kill and disintegrate.

This beautiful hand-held weapon, shaped into a coiled serpent, was introduced to Stargate mythology in the SG-1 Season One finale, "Within the Serpent's Grasp". SG-1 comes upon a crate of these devices and O'Neill orders them passed out.

This week Propworx is selling a screen-used Zat! This is a rubber stunt version which has been painted bronze with anodized purple and blue highlights, and features purple detailing on the end. Also included with this lot is a black nylon left-handed holster, specifically designed to go with an SG uniform.

The one-shot-stuns, two-shots-kill, three-shots-disintegrate functionality of the Zat gun almost immediately made it the butt of various in-jokes between cast and crew members, and soon worked its way into scripts. The 100th episode of SG-1, "Wormhole X-Treme!", features a similar exchange between in-episode television producers as they debate how to get rid of dead aliens lying around their set.

Check out the auction on eBay now by following this link, and while you're there, view the other Propworx lots on sale between now and Sunday night!

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