STUDIO TOURS: Writer/Artist Rick Remender

Last week we launched STUDIO TOURS with a week long celebration that saw looks at the studios of Joe Quesada, Scott Kurtz and Frank Cho. STUDIO TOURS continues on its weekly schedule now - every Wednesday afternoon - by visiting the home of writer/artist Rick Remender.

2006 was probably writer/artist Rick Remender's biggest year in comics thus far. It seemed he was working on something from pretty much everyone! Whether it was writing his creator owned books like "Sea of Red," "Fear Agent" or "Strange Girl," writing "Classic Battlestar Galactica" at Dynamite, "What if?: X-Men Age of Apocalypse" at Marvel, providing art on "The Last Christmas" or any of a number of other projects, Remender's named was everyone on the comic stand.

Rick invited us into his home studio in Portland, Oregon, and shared with us these photos.

My wife Danni and I have recently moved to Portland and none of the stuff I wanted to get framed has been. Moving is shitty and moving cities always costs more than anyone could expect. We are digging Portland so far, though. Once you quit fighting the meth addiction and let it take you over, you can just get real high all time and clean, clean, clean.

So, anyway, this is the cover art to "Man with the Screaming Brain" #1 and #2 and "The Last Christmas" trade all penciled by me and inked by Hilary Barta.

The original art to my favorite "Walking Dead" cover. Tony Moore gave me this for the original inks from "Fear Agent" #1.

My drawin' desk is used fer clutterin' these days more than art makin', as I've turned away art jobs in lieu of spending the year focused on writing. Poor desk...

That's an original 1986 Schmitt Stix John Lucero. That was one of my favorite decks. Below it is some of Harper Jaten's original art from "Black Heart Billy."

My bookshelf. Very exciting.

Dusty art supplies and some books I look at to inspire my current writing on "The End League" and "Fear Agent." That VHS is a production cut of the "Iron Giant" when the film was only half finished.

Um... Yeah, my computer. This is where I make America's most favorite style comic bookery. Catch the trolley of excitement and action!

"Black Heart Billy" page penciled by me and inked by Kieron Dwyer. If you haven't read "Black Heart Billy," you have no soul and I hate you. It's more fun than dudes and chicks in bright costumes punching for justice.

Black Heart Billy meets Captain Dingleberry. My two early black and white comic characters came together in one legendary issue. Leonard Maltin put this on his top ten best works of cinema of the 1970s. It landed right behind "The Deer Hunter."

Pencils to "Fear Agent" #1's cover

An "Avengers" page from when Kieron Dwyer and I were the art team and one of Jerome Opena's splash pages from "Fear Agent."

Jerome Opena page form "Strange Girl." Him are many goods.

And the studio in the round!

Thanks, Rick!

Next up, artist Matt Haley!

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