STUDIO TOURS: "PvP" Creator Scott Kurtz

Monday we launched the STUDIO TOURS feature on CBR by taking a look at Marvel EiC Joe Quesada's home studio. If you've not checked it out yet, you really should. Today, we continue our launch week by stepping behind the scenes at Scott Kurtz's house.

Scott's the creator of the wildly popular online comic "PvP (which, incidentally, will be an animated series in 2007) as well as the co-creator of the Image Comics series "Truth, Justin & The American Way." Scott's been a good friend of CBR's for a long time and when asked to participate, he jumped at the chance. So, take it away, Scott!

Scott Kurtz says...

My studio is the front room of my house in the North Dallas Area. You walk in the front door and to your left in the entryway is a set of double french doors. This leads into the studio.

Above the door hangs my "QUIET, CARTOONIST AT WORK" sign. This sign was made by a wood-carver in Keystone, South Dakota during a family vacation. I told the carver I would one day be a cartoonist and I would keep this until then. Once I was grown up and a cartoonist I would hang this over the door of my studio so my family would know to stay quiet while I was working.

The back is signed by the artist and reads "Good Luck! 8-15-1984. Keystone S.D."

1. Superman clock that my wife found for me at a flea market or something. It doesn't really keep time anymore, but that's never been its main purpose anyway.

2. This is a cool dry-erase calendar (also my wife's doing). All the cons for the year are on there. So are my important deadlines so I know exactly when I miss them.

3. This is a cat-scratcher that my cat never uses.

4. Frank Cho's wonderful drawing of Jade on a bear-skin rug. I desperately want to get this colored and made into a poster.

5. Original art to "PvP" #7 by Mike Wieringo. Mike was kind enough to give this to me.

6. Framed page from PvP's first appearance in "PC Gamer." The strip ran in that magazine for over a year.

7. "Rose is Rose" art from cartoonist Pat Brady. I sent him fan-mail years ago and he sent me this.

8. This is a program from the 2002 Lonestar Comicon. It was an incredible con for me because "PvP" had just been written up in Wizard and this was the first time people in the comic book industry I have respected for years wanted to talk to me and told me there were fans. I met Kurt Busiek, Mike Wieringo, Todd Dezago, Mark Waid, Devin Grayson, Jim Mahfood, Scott Morse, Andy Kuhn and so many others. Everyone signed my program. I remember turning to my wife who attended with me and saying "This is a huge turning point for me."

9. Henry Martinez fan art. Henry used to work for Marvel, but I met him playing Ultima Online.

10. "PvP" appeared in "Dork Tower" and John Kovalic gave me the original art. This is from my Dork Storm days.

Turn to the left and the long wall has a built in desk and shelving system. We had this put in custom a year and a half ago. Best money I ever spent. Closetsbydesign.com, I think. Great guys. I hated working at home until we put this in. I live here. I spend most of my days, weeks and months right here.

1. This is a thing I found online. It's stuffed plushes of a drop of pee and a piece of poop. It's dutch I think. I'm sure it seems morbid to Americans, but Europeans don't flip out about this stuff so much. I bought it because we're planning babies in the next year or so and hopefully someday soon, I'll be using these to help my kid understand how the potty works.

2. I got a ton of toys and shit up on these shelves. Muppet figures, Asterix statues and a ton of Peanuts stuff. Whenever a statue or toy grabs my attention, I pick it up and it ends up here.

3. Two prized possessions: A picture of myself and my late mother right before my wedding, and my Eisner. Mom died in 1996, two years before I started "PvP." She never got to see me get to do this for a living. She doesn't know I became a cartoonist. I think that's why I keep the Eisner near the photo. I never got to share this stuff with her.

4. 30" Apple Cinema display. This is truly a luxury item. It's like looking into the face of God.

5. Mac Pro. I just got this thing after a year of saving. I am not a Mac nut who feels the need to push the platform on others. It's all the same now. This thing runs windows on a 2nd drive if I ever need it for anything (mostly games). I use it as a Mac 99% of the time and as a Windows machine if I ever need it

Hardware on the Mac Pro:

  • Two 3.0GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors
  • 2GB (4 x512 MB) RAM
  • ATI Radeon X1900 XT 512MB

6. This used to be my Mother's. We grew up knowing it as the "Brum Bear." if you press its stomach, it makes a little bear growl or "Brum" in German. It was something we were never allowed to play with when we were kids. After mom died, everyone had something of hers she wanted and I never took anything. I went to my dad a year ago and said, "I have a nice place for him now where I know he'll always be safe. I want Brum Bear." And he gave it to me. So Mom's here.

7. Amidst my trades and comics, I have the copy of Previews where "PvP" #1 was solicited. Jim Valentino gave "PvP" the cover of this issue. I kept several copies as well as PvP's 2 page "secret stash" article in "Wizard."

8. A bunch of comics.

9. What says "old man" more than slippers?

Turn left again and you see the window looking out front.

1. This is a great Christmas gift my brother gave me one year. He found an old photobooth strip from when we were on the boardwalk in Sana Cruz as kids. I must have been...shit...14 or something? He had them blown up and framed. We've always been very close. We moved a couple times due to my dad's company transferring him around when we were kids. Brian was my closest friend growing up.

2. Scratch's bed. He watches birds out the window all day.

3. Tivoli Audio Sirius Satellite radio. It's small, but the sound quality is great and Sirius is an awesome service. I always have exactly the music I want for whatever mood I'm in.

4. Computer router, modem and stuff. Internet is my life's blood.

Turn left again and we're back at the french doors that lead into my studio. I don't spend much time here since I learned how to use my Wacom tablet.

1. Posters of my comic books. "Justin" and "PvP." You can buy these at my Think Geek store. See how great they look framed?

2. Track lighting. I am not gay.

3. This is pretty cool. When Charles Schulz retired, the Fort Worth Star Telegram sold these limited edition reproduction prints of some "Peanuts" Sunday strips. There was a charity raffle one Christmas and the Telegram took four of them that they saved, framed them and put that up as a raffle prize. My Dad and Step mom bought a ton of raffle tickets to win that for me so they could give it to me for Christmas. My dad went back up for one more set of tickets at the last minute and those were the ones that hit.

4. Cat treats.

5. This is my old PC. I put it back here on my drafting table in case I had trouble switching over to the Mac and needed it as a safety net to get work done. I set it up and never went back to using it.

6. This is a 30-plus year old Oak Mayline drafting table. It used to belong to my dad. Dad studied Architecture when he was my age (shit, younger probably), and he got a job doing it for a while. The guy who hired him had a whole room full of these. Dad didn't keep the job but the guy let him take a table. It comes apart and can be re-assembled with these nuts and bolts so it's easy to store and move around. It's in really great condition. It's an insult having a computer hogging it up right now.

Friday - Frank Cho!

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