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Starting from the tender age of 17, DC Comics-exclusive artist Jamal Yaseem Igle has worked his way up the ranks from intern at DC to a successful illustrating career. Igle’s served over the years as an editor, art director and animation storyboard artist for numerous companies such as Sony Animation and Scholastic, Inc.  

The co-creator of Image Comics’ “Venture” with Jay Faeber, Igle’s famously detailed pencils have graced such books as “Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer,” “Crime Society,” “Nightwing,” and “Firestorm the Nuclear Man.” He’s presently working on new issues of “Countdown,” “Green Lantern Corps,” “Teen Titans,” and his next project for DC will be announced very soon.

Igle is an active volunteer with the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, a guest lecturer on comics and animation, and teaches a class in comics and sequential art at the Art Students League of New York. Additionally, Igle and his wife Karine are expecting their first child in the Spring.

With so much going on, CBR News was very fortunate that Igle had time to give us a tour through his New York home studio.

By Jamal Igle

1.As we walk into the Studio (soon to be baby’s bedroom) you’ll pass the first of several bookcases. I keep a mix of trade paperbacks and collections along with trades of my own published work for storage.

2. Above it is one of my wife’s photographs.

3.To the right  is a protective gargoyle/candleholder.

4. When you come into the studio you’ll see my workspace which consists of an Iron Fist ,ask that I picked up at Graham Crackers Comics in Chicago.

4a. A  Microtek Scanmaker 9800XL tabloid scanner.

5. Some of my toys, the ones that haven’t ben put in storage until we get new shelving for them. Amonst them a “Superman Returns” limited edition figure from Hong Kong and a die-cast metal Ecto-1 from “Ghostbusters.” I also have a 12-inch Rocketeer  figure from Medicon Toys , an Angel puppet and of course my Jason Rusch Firestorm figure from DC Direct. The shelf below is filled with some odds and ends: some old cassette tapes (I still have a tape deck in the living room), office supplies, my grandfather’s watch along with a DC watch from a couple of Christmas ago.

6. My computer setup, an iMac G5 with a 1.667 gigs of SDRAM memory, an 2.16 GHZ Intel Core Duo processor. I just installed OS X 10.5 Leopard and it’s ireally really cool. I also have two external hard drives and, including the internal (named Umbra, Unicron and Vector Sigma), they equal 1.75 terabites of space. I’ve also a wireless mouse and keyboard as well as a Canon iP6301D photo printe.r There’s a fourth drive which is 40gigs but I haven’t used it in awhile. The computer itself is fully loaded with Adobe programs.

7. The 2’x3′ magnetic whiteboard. This has been invaluable since I bought it. As I work on a batch of pages I’ll post them up so I can keep track of continuity in the art .The board can be used with dry-erase markers but I like to keep it clean if possible. I can fit eight pages on the board at a time.

8. My lightbox has become an indispensable tool for me. I’m notoriously anal about my work and the way I work is I layout my pages at about 4×7 inches and blow them up 233 percent to fit onto DC paper stock for finished pencils.

9. This is probably my fourth drafting table, I’ve either lost them or had them destroyed at some points in my life. I’ve had this particular table for about 6 years. There’s an old DC visitors sticker on it that I can’t remember for the life of me why I put it there. Oh, well.

10. The Frankenchair! This chair has been with me for the last seven years. It’s a really confortable and was really expensive at the time so I’m loath to surrender it anytime soon. It’s sort of cobbled together from other office chairs at this point but it’s really special to me.

11. The ever growing reference collection of long boxes. On top of that is an old storage box with a Nightwing figure.

12. My box of microphones.

13. Bookcase 2, which contains our collection of French, Spanish and graphic albums, the bulk of  it is Karine’s Thorgal collection.

14. Cookbooks, Homer’s the Odyssey, and books on samuari.

15. My “Superman Returns” poster.

16. Karine’s signed Thorgal print.

17. Comp copies and con supplies.

18. The FedEx boxes. I make copies of everything I draw and after about six months or so I scan them into the Art Archive.

19. The third bookcase is all reference material. Everything from books on anatomy, movement, martial arts, concept cars, military history and weapons, astronomy, astrophysics, animals, etc. It’s one part of the reference library, the other part is in the living room.

20. Old files and sketches.

21. My framed “Superman: The Movie” poster.

22. The Wife’s shoe tree.

Thanks very much, Jamal!

Come back next week for CBR’s exclusive tour of the studio of Tom Beland, author of Image Comics’ “True Story Swear to God” and Marvel’s “Fantastic Four: Isla de la Muerte.”


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