As the creator of "Liberty Meadows," writer/artist Frank Cho amazed readers with his artistic abilities, drawing some of the most beautiful women (and animals) ever seen on the printed page. With "Liberty Meadows," his artistic talents and humorous look at life were never in question, which helped the series build a large and loyal following.

These days, Cho's work can be found primarily over at Marvel. He joins writer Brian Bendis in March of 2007 on "Mighty Avengers," easily one the most anticipated launches from Marvel in the coming year.

Cho agreed to take CBR readers behind the scenes at his home studio, where pages from "Mighty Avengers" are being created as we speak. Here's Frank.

The entire basement of our house is my studio/library. The studio floor plan is shaped like the letter "U." As you come down stairs and turn right, this is the view.

Here's a corner shot of my work area. The awesome Peter Jackson's King Kong statue was a gift from my good friend, Marc Nathan. The plaques and the statues next to it are some of the awards I won that my wife made me take out of the closet and hung up. I'm going to hang my Nursing degree over my toilet next.

Here's my drafting table. Those are "Mighty Avengers" pages that I'm working on. That's my portable DVD player next to my table. I watch lot of movies and TV shows while I draw, mostly for background noise. I'm catching up on "Northern Exposure" and "24."

Here's a different angle shot of my drafting table. I picked up the gray figure statue at the San Francisco Massive Black Workshop. It helps me with my anatomy work.

Here's a wide shot of my work area. The drafting table is on the left and the computer station is on the right. My painting area is at the far wall.

Same shot. Different angle.

Here's my painting area. I like to work on multiple paintings at once. If I get tired of one painting, I just move over and work on a different one. I'm currently working on three oil paintings for fun.

Special built-in shelves for my canvases and comics. I paint pretty big and my canvases are usually 36" x 48" and bigger. So, I had the carpenter make special built-in shelves to store my canvases. Also, one of my oil paintings that I'm currently messing around with for fun. Note the trademark Cho butt on the female figure.

Closer look at my painting area. Yes, that is a second portable DVD player at my painting station. Like I said before, I like to watch movies and TV shows as I draw and paint.

My home gym is located right next to my painting area. So if I get tired of sitting on my butt and drawing, I can easily pump some weights or go for a jog.

Opposite angle shot of my home gym and painting area.

Back at the computer station. That's a mini copy machine and my large flatbed scanner.

Here's my computer station. I have two monitors set up for easy Photoshop work and web surfing (porn).

Around the corner from my computer station is my library. On the right hand side you see a part of my couch. I stack and store all my original art on that couch. (I'm still shopping around for a great gun safe to store my art.)

Here's a wider shot of my library collection. It's mostly artbooks, movie books and graphic novels. On top of the book shelves, are some of my statue and toy collection.

Different angle shot of my library. More artbooks and EC reprints.

As we conclude our launch week, I'd like to thank Joe Quesada, Scott Kurtz and Frank Cho for helping us launch this new series with a bang. We switch to a weekly format beginning next Wednesday with a look behind the scenes at writer/artist Rick Remender's studio. In the coming weeks, we'll check out where Matt Haley, Simone Bianchi, Mark Waid, Robert Kirkman, Matt Fraction and a whole slew of others work. Should be a lot of fun.

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