STUDIO TOURS: Francis Manapul

Artist Francis Manapul first came to prominence with a celebrated run on Top Cow's "Witchblade" before branching out with "Necromancer" (with Joshua Ortega) and the popular "Iron and the Maiden" at Aspen MLT. The Comic Book Idol judge has also created memorable covers for numerous titles including "Tomb Raider," "G.I. Joe" and "Battle of the Planets." Most recently, Manapul signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics, for which he's united with legendary writer Jim Shooter on "The Legion of Super-Heroes."

CBR News is pleased that Manapul was able to step away from the drafting table long enough to give us a special look inside his home studio in Toronto, Canada.

By Francis Manupul

Welcome to my studio/apartment. My girlfriend Agnes and I live downtown Toronto, right in the thick of things, where the Raptor games are just a few minutes walk away and the sounds of the streetcar clangs all day long. But we like it. Much like most apartments down by the waterfront, our place is "cozy." Anyways, on with the show.

This first image is a shot of our studio.

Here's a shot from another angle.

Another angle of the room showing our shelf with all our nerdy possessions.

Pretty standard: a bunch of trades and art books at the bottom. And, of course, an XBox 360.

On to the actual "studio" part of the tour, this here is Agnes' desk, as you can see with her giant name sign.

Another angle of Agnes' desk and more shelves. Lots of comics, art, headphones, toys, etc.

We're finally at my work area. I've changed my table a couple times during the last few years. I guess I just like change. This table was actually from Ikea of all places. My mom bought one and showed it to me and I thought it was absolutely awesome so I got myself one. What I dig about it is the built-in light table. It's just a bit over 11x17 in size, which is perfect for what I do. The table used to be angled but when I got my iMac, I opted to flatten it out so that I can put my computer on top of it.

Here's a closer look at my work area.

This is where the magic happens.

Another angle of my drawing table.

My little supply area.

The best part of my desk is the view.

Moving on to the den, where we store all our junk and where the cats pee and poo. It's the stinkiest place in the apartment. I hate going in there. I'll leave you out here since the part that you don't see is overflowing with boxes that I need to get rid of.

We do a bit of time traveling to the future here. The art clipboard/cardboard thing that I made wasn't too stable although it did do the job, I just couldn't lean into it too much. After much ridicule from Agnes about it, I went out and got a tabletop easel which I propped said clipboard to. Much more stable now. Also, the cool thing about this picture is that you can pretty much see how I work with the TV on and all.

That's about it. Thanks for checking out my studio.

Moo and Otis said smell you folks later.

Thanks very much, Francis!

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