STUDIO TOURS: Artists Gabriel Bá & Fábio Moon

CBR's latest STUDIO TOUR invasion into the lives and privacy of the comics industry's greatest talents continues now with a tour of the studio of brothers Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon. Two of the most exciting up-and-comers today, Fábio Moon caught readers' attention with his work on AiT/PlanetLar's"Ursula" and "Smoke And Guns" graphic novels, while Gabriel Bá is making waves with his acclaimed work on Image Comics'"Casanova," which CBR News profiled just today.

Bá's next project is "The Umbrella Academy" for Dark Horse Comics, written by My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way. Coming up for Moon are short stories for "Flight" and "24seven," easily two of the best anthologies around. After that, Moon moves on to a new project with writer Matt Fraction. But even with so much on the drawing board, Gabriel and Fábio found time to show us around their São Paulo, Brazil studio, with Gabriel providing fans with the following pictures and commentary.

So, let's do the studio tour thing. Our Studio, Fábio's and mine, is a house where we used to live and now functions only as a work station and love hut. It is big and quiet and we use mainly two rooms to work and two others just for storage. From time to time we try to rent a room for friends to work in, but we're on our own right now once more. The kitchen is mainly where we keep the beer and the dog food. We arrive around 9am and leave usually around 9pm.

Here we have our two drawing boards, mine with the white lamp. It always looks like this, a real mess with reference paper, thumbnails and scripts on the sides, the pencil an pens I'm currently using, toilet paper for my big nose's needs and the center area "free" for the real comic page. Fábio sits right in front of me. On the table I still have thumbnails of "Casanova" #7 and you can see sketches for the one of the Umbrella Academy characters. On the back of the picture, we can see our light-table and a long cabinet where we keep some fashion catalogs for clothes references, some comic book boxes and where we pilescomics on top of.

Behind my table there's the white board where we keep track of our schedules and deadlines and current jobs. We try to keep it organized, but in the crazy routine it shows to be impossible. We also use it on classes when we give them from time to time.

Outside there's our nice garden with lots of nature to calm us down. The big-ass glass wall gives this room incredible light. And we can see one of our two dogs, Gaia. When it's time for her to eat, we bring her in the house as she stays very quite at our feet and away from the other dog, Troia, avoiding gigantic fights for attention (the bitches are always fighting over me).

Every once in a while, we offer classes and courses here at the studio, so we have two long tables for the students. When there are no classes, we are unable to keep them clean as they end up being the base for piles of random papers, magazines and books. When you have lots of space, you can have a bigger mess, too. If it is flat, it is for piling stuff over it. We also can see here my grandfather's old bicycle and the piano Fábio pretends to play sometimes

Here we're looking at the other class table, messier, where I usually leave all the bills to pay and unread mail, along with my car keys and other junk I carry around. There we have a TV for the classes when I want to use examples on the screen and one of our computer nooks, where Fábio is currently working on the translation to English of one of our stories. We have a Macbook Pro 15", a Graphire 3 tablet and a Canon portable scanner that we can take anywhere and work anywhere we want, really, which is very handy sometimes. The orange chairs are for the classes and we have a bunch more stacked somewhere.

Up the stairs we have the other computer nook, and the library shelf and a phone/fax. Down the stairs we have the studio's entrance (actually the door to the garage).

Closer look at the other nook, with a G4 and a very old 17" apple monitor. We have the printer we rarely use anymore (just to print bills and scripts), an iSight, an Intuos tablet and some "Bone" and "Incredibles" figures near to the printer. You can see another toilet paper roll, for the same reasons as the one on the drawing board.

On the shelves, lots of backup CDs, Zips and Jaz disks, old drawing materials of many kinds, lots of comics, magazines and books. This is mainly the email-reading/blog-writing station and editorial work.

Here we have another view of the Macbook table, with the scanner next to it, the water gallon and Fábio.

And a general view of the rest of the room, with the drawing boards, and you can see a light-table on the left next to the fireplace. So, it's a big place for the two of us, who work mainly in silence, deep in our thoughts, every day of the week, weekends and holidays, as long as it takes.

Thanks to you both, Gabreiel and Fábio! Next week we visit Mark Millar's home studio and show off the very messy studio "Civil War" was written in.

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