STUDIO TOURS: Artist Simone Bianchi

I was first exposed to artist Simone Bianchi's art in the pages of DC Comics' "Shining Knight." Once I saw that art, I knew I had to learn more about the man, so in February of 2006 I sat down with him to learn more about his background. While Simone was a relative unknown in the United States at the time, all that was set to change quickly. Just a few short weeks later, Simone signed an exclusivity agreement with Marvel comics, with word coming later in the year that he'd handle the art chores on Marvel's "Wolverine" with Jeph Loeb starting with issue #50. 2006 was certainly a good year for Simone and with his work on "Wolverine," his star is set to shine brighter than ever before.

Simone invited CBR News into his apartment in Lucca, in the Tuscany region of Italy and shared with us this STUDIO TOUR.

My studio is in my apartment, or I should say is my apartment, if you consider that apart from a bedroom, all the rest of it is all part of my "working station" â€" just consider that I have no kitchen at home, as I needed room for a new library and the kitchen had to be "sacrificed".

It is made of two main parts: the one where I work and the one where my assistant Andrea Silvestri works and where we keep our computer.

Let's start with mine:

Here you see some paintings I did for European projects: the one on the yellow background is the cover for my second artbook ("The Art of Simone Bianchi") while the one on its side, my "Biofairy," is the official poster for Lucca Comics and Games 2005 (Lucca has the second biggest comic convention in Europe and is also the town where I was born and raised, so it was great pleasure to do it) and some of my action figures (or as my sister and mom call them â€" monsters - you'll see how often you meet them in my house.).

Immediately after that you'll find my drawing board, with my new, amazing chair (I just received it as a Christmas present from my girlfriend Greta so I thought to take pictures of it from every possible angle!). Then you see my light box on the right, that I use to reproduce the photo references on the final pages; as you can see, I use an angled wooden board to draw upon as last year I had some back pain because I spent too much time everyday in a wrong position â€" I used to draw straight on a flat drawing board. You can see a lot of my work hanging on the walls. I keep anatomies, sketches and in front of me the cover for my first artbook, "Echi". If you look carefully at picture four, there is a photo hanging on the mirror: it is a photo of myself and Mike Bair that was taken in New York in Summer 2004: that was a very important moment in my career and I owe a lot to this great artist and friend so I like having it in my studio.

Then there is my couch, that is also a comfortable clothes hanger everytime I get home and a painting I did some years ago, "The Three Graces and a Half".

My CD collection and my flat files underneath. I can't work without listening to music.

From this door, you reach the other part of the studio, where Andrea works and where we keep the computer (sorry for the running shoes).

You probably saw it in the earlier picture, but note the Christmas tree my girlfriend made this year (she painted the leaves herself), with a Wolverine full-size bust my best friend and art dealer Sal Abbinanti gave me as a Christmas present (Sal, what the hell are you waiting for to ship me the Hulk head, too???).

Then comes Andrea's chair (my old one) and on its side you may see a round painting that in my original idea had to be put in my house: it has stayed in the same exact position, incomplete for the last two years (as they say, the shoe maker's son always goes barefoot..) and I look forward to finishing it.

My library

As you clearly can see, the books are set in two rows and I don't have any room left. And here's the couch where we put all the original art when it needs to be finished or scanned.

My DVD collection. I like most any kind of movie, but in particular I like science fiction and digital animation, as you would probably tell.

Check out this sculpture a close friend of mine from Israel did for me a few years ago. I love it.

Through this door you get back to my room.

Thanks, Simone.

Thus far with Studio Tours we've spotlighted a number of different artists or writer/artists. Next Wednesday, we feature our first writer â€" Mark Waid!

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