STUDIO TOURS: Artist Ryan Ottley

Artist Ryan Ottley exploded onto the comics scene with his wildly dynamic and exciting artwork in the hugely popular indie superhero book, "Invincible." The title has gone on to become an Image Comics bestseller, spawning numerous reprint editions and an in-development feature film. Besides his ongoing work on "Invincible," Ottley has contributed to "Digital Webbring Presents" and illustrated "Superman/Batman Annual" #1 for DC Comics. For more on Ryan Ottley, check out his interview with Arune Singh.

By Ryan Ottley

Hey people, welcome to my little home office in Bountiful, Utah. I live here with my wife, son, and two dogs. Not much to see here, but I'll show you anyway. Here is my view from my desk when I turn around. I guess I'm a normal nerd as in I love my TPB's, DVDs, and CDs. And of course, toys! I'll show some close-ups later. Oh and just in case you are wondering, yes Spidey does have a gun to his head, and my Invincible statue is wielding a sword.

My desk. I sit and draw all day and watch movies quite a bit, sometimes if it gets too distracting I throw on some CDs. I got a couple corkboards on the wall for whatever I feel like pinning up, scripts, reference, cool art, french curves.

Another corner of the room, You can see on the cork board is an original piece of art drawn by Arthur Adams, it's of an Invincible character named Aquarus. I have other pages from favorite artists like Stuart Immonen, Cory Walker, Skottie Young, but I haven't hung anything up in my office yet, it's not that I'm lazy it's just, yeah, I guess I'm a little lazy.

A corner by the door. Not much organization yet. Have I mentioned I'm lazy? I can draw and keep Invincible on a fairly decent schedule, but spending time on organizing my room usually gets procrastinated.

Right outside my office sits the computer area. Moving along.

The window in front of my desk, a view of the backyard.

That cabinet that the TV is on is where I store all my original artwork, well some of my original artwork, the good ones I send off to my art dealer. I really don't know why I save the pages I'm not too happy with, time to start a fire. There's my Wii up by the TV, talk about distracting. I try to limit my play time though. And there is my little puppy Fudd on the floor. He spends a good part of the day hangin' with me in my office.

A close-up of the left side of my cabinet behind my desk. On the left is a bunch of comics that have art in them that inspire me like crazy, I keep my faves there. I take them out whenever I need a good pick me up. And in front of that are a couple Muscle's, I have a couple hundred of those things, use to be my favorite toys when I was a kid. There's good ol' Optimus in the back, oh and there's Batman with a machine gun.

A close-up of Megatron Transformer. Behind that is my Hulk #2 that I won from a Hero Illustrated art contest a long time ago.  See that Franklin bust wearing a bra? That's from one of my first jobs ever, I use to paint those things a hundred at a time. I use to have nightmares of them all turning their heads simultaneously to stare at me. I'd wake up sweating.

I have loads of He-Man toys, I love the stuff. And Starscream! He's awesome. I transform him daily as part of my exercise.

Just a close-up of some DVDs and stuff.   I can't get enough of that Snap-E-Tom, fricken delicious. See that yellow thing to the right? Spinja's!  Come over, we shall battle Spinja style.

This little dude lurks around my office from time to time also, My son Quentin stealing my CD case. He also likes to tear up my comics and completely empty my CD case.

And that's it for my office.  Thanks for checking it out.

Thanks, Ryan!

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