CBR News is very pleased to present to readers an inside look at the studio of British comics artist Jock. One of the busiest and buzziest artists working today, Jock is perhaps best known for his work with writer Andy Diggle on "2000 AD" and Vertigo's "The Losers." Jock will continue his work with Diggle on his year's "Green Arrow: Year One" for DC Comics, and the new mini-series "Faker" with writer Mike Carey for Vertigo. We'll let him take it from here.

By Jock

Although I was born in Scotland, I live in the south west of England - a pretty nice part of the world in a town called Totnes. An old Elizabethan town, it's supposedly the 'new age capital of Britain,' boasting more therapy rooms, crystal shops, float centres, yoga groups and meditation drop-in's per square mile than anywhere else in England. Make of that what you will.

I tend to avoid all that these days and just draw pictures of existential characters melting in bathrooms instead... good times!

My studio's at the bottom of town, a five minute walk from home over the River Dart.

I'm at the top of this building here.

Up the stairs.

And here we are.

The other, messy, end... this has my (sadly underused) easel, various picture frames and boards, and the inevitable build up of FedEx boxes from DC. I'm looking to clear this end away to use just for photo's, but haven't got round to it yet.

And back round to where we came up the stairs.

Reference photo's of family and friends that were used in 20 drawings up on the wall. These were images produced for the upcoming Swallow 3 art book put together by Ashley Wood. You can see the results here (the more astute among you may notice that there are actually 27 drawings, ruining the title completely, but no one seems to have noticed yet.).

Drawing board and assorted stuff on the floor…

…including a pile of original art I haven't framed yet. To the left is an original Chris Cunnigham painting, some of my Faker art and some layouts lay next to that.

What else? Some Green Arrow: Year One scripts from Andy…

And a good pile of Scalped scripts and art - refs for the covers I'm working on for the Vertigo series written by Jason Aaron and drawn by the inimitable R.M. Guerra.

Spare bits of my drum kit and poster art from King James.

Fairly blank drawing board at the moment. I'm about to draw the cover to a give away ashcan edition of Green Arrow: Year One for the Bristol Convention in May, here in the UK.

Here's the sketch I did yesterday - drawing the b/w art today.

Next to the drawing board are layouts for whatever issue I'm working on at the time - here it's an issue of Faker, the new Vertigo mini-series written by Mike Carey.

Junk corner – published stuff, reference books, a couple of skateboards I did the art for, and some more original art (from 2000AD this time).

My computer (is anyone bored yet??). I'm still using a PowerMac G4, loaded with memory, a 23 cinema display and an oversize A4 Wacom tablet for any digital elements to the art.

Scanner and recently scanned art. Broken A3 scanner underneath.

Paints, art books and DVD's.

Please note the slightly unhealthy amount of uncut import '70s cannibal and zombie films. All just for reference, of course. Slightly shittier movies underneath. apart from Beat Street, obviously.

A view out the window.

I normally have a load of art laid out on the floor, but right now I just have a few covers. These are a series of images for Scalped, for an upcoming story arc with stark headshots as covers. Some of these need re-working, as capturing the essence of each character so early on in the series is proving a challenge.

Easel with the beginnings of a Batman painting, for John Bamber of Britcomicart fame.

Current reading material, from the sofa.

And a nice up of tea.

Cheers! Jock.

Thanks very much, Jock!

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