Dave Bautista Is the Uber Passenger From Hell in Stuber Trailer

Dave Bautista, best known for playing Drax the Destroyer of Guardians of the Galaxy, will star as a different kind of tough guy in the upcoming 20th Century Fox action-comedy Stuber.

The trailer for the film introduces Bautista's character as a daredevil LAPD cop with his eyesight temporarily impaired, who needs some wheels to catch a killer on the run. He ends up riding shotgun with Stu, played by Kumail Nanjiani, a meek Uber driver who is accustomed to every kind of difficult passenger but this one.

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The film's humor seems to be mostly centered on the odd-couple dynamic of Stu and his passenger, as the chase escalates and the driver inadvertently becomes a gritty hero sidekick, fumbling with guns as he tries to do his job and keep his five-star rating.

Nanjiani is best known for writing and starring in the Oscar-nominated The Big Sick and is currently in talks for Marvel Studios' next cosmic blockbuster, The Eternals.

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Directed by Michael Dowse, Stuber will hit theaters on July 12. The cast includes Kumail Nanjiani, Dave Bautista, Iko Uwais, Natalie Morales, Betty Gilpin, Jimmy Tatro, Mira Sorvino, and Karen Gillan.

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