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Every day this month I will share with you the first (at least as far as I know) U.S. professional work by a notable comic book creator. Here is an archive of the creators who have been featured so far.

Today's featured creator is Stuart Immonen!


Today, Stuart Immonen is one of the top artists at Marvel Comics. He is due to be the artist for Marvel's upcoming crossover, Fear Itself. Before that he was the artist on New Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man. He has drawn pretty much all of the Ultimate Comics line at one point or another. He also did the classic Nextwave series with writer Warren Ellis. Before working for Marvel, Immonen had a long stint at DC Comics, including a stint on Legion of Super-Heroes and a long run on the Superman titles. He also recently produced the graphic novel Moving Pictures, with his wife Kathryn Immonen.

Immonen's first comic book work was actually a self-published comic called Playground in 1988 (Caliber Press did an edition of it in 1990). I don't have that comic. If someone does, feel free to send me a few sample pages and I'll post 'em here!

In April 1991, Immonen drew Rock 'n' Roll Comics #19, spotlighting 2 Live Crew...

The book also had a back-up about Tipper Gore's fight for labels on music albums...

A little over a year later, Immonen drew Hero Alliance Quarterly #4...

A few months later, Immonen drew his first issue of Legion of Super-Heroes, and he has been working on major mainstream comics titles ever since!

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