Stuart Immonen Not Quite Retired, But Has 'No Immediate' Comics Plans

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Contrary to fast-spreading reports, veteran artist Stuart Immonen said he isn't exactly retiring from comics. However, he's apparently in no rush to line up any new projects following the release today of The Amazing Spider-Man #800.

Immonen's longtime collaborator, inker Wade von Grawbadger, commemorated the milestone issue this morning on Facebook with a post in which he wrote, "Stuart retired after finishing this issue. It's possible he may return for a small thing here or there but he was more than ready to move on to other challenges and opportunities."

But Immonen told Newsarama that his exclusive agreement with Marvel Comics ended "some time ago," and that he has no "immediate" plans for a comics project.

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"If the right project with the right collaborators came along, I would of course consider it," he said. "For the moment however, Kathryn [Immonen, his collaborator and spouse] and I are enthusiastically devoting our time and energy to non-work matters."

Immonen has had an acclaimed and high-profile career that stretches back to 1988. At DC, Immonen is perhaps best known for his work 2004's Superman: Secret Identity with writer Kurt Busiek. At Marvel, Immonen succeeded original series artist Mark Bagley on Ultimate Spider-Man, and drew the 2011 crossover event Fear Itself. After a well-received run on the main Star Wars title with writer Jason Aaron, Immonen collaborated with writer Dan Slott on The Amazing Spider-Man, beginning with Issue 789.

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