Stuart Immonen branches out into stock image availability

He's drawing Marvel's big event series of 2011 Fear Itself. He's coming out with the second edition of his artbook series Centifolia. And now he's getting into the clip art business.

Well, maybe "clip art" isn't the right word but rather stock images. As mentioned on his blog earlier this week, several illustrations of his are now available for licensing on the website of stock photo agency Getty Images. If you're not familiar with stock imagery, it's an archive of photography and artwork available to publishers and designers of any stripe to pay for and use on websites, magazines, newspapers, or virtually anything else you can put an image on.

The style he uses in these images is far different from what readers of his Marvel or DC work know of him, and is quite eye-opening. Immonen has long been fascinated with magazine illustrations (as seen in his first volume of Centifolia), and this new venture by the artist is an interesting expansion of his career. Although it's not likely to pull him away from comics, anything he can do to make more money, have fun and get to do more comics is fine by me!

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