Strugatsky Bros.' 'Roadside Picnic' sets up at WGN America

What if aliens visited Earth, and didn't even notice humans? How will our ego recover? And how do we cope with what they've left behind?

Roadside Picnic, the 1972 novel by Russian authors Arkady and Boris Strugatsky that was previously adapted into the 1979 film Stalker, is now coming to television, Deadline reports. The WGN America series will be produced by Neil Moritz, directed by Game of Thrones' Alan Taylor and written by Jack Paglen, whose Transcendence hit theaters last year.

The Strugatskys' novel takes place in a world that has recently experienced an alien visitation, which has led to the Earth being divided into "Zones" where the ETs may have landed. These Zones exhibit strange, otherworldly phenomena and often contain strange artifacts possessed of weird, otherworldly properties.

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