10 Strongest Weapons in the MCU, Ranked

Before the release of Avengers: Endgame, fans would argue we’d need to wait for newer movies to confirm whether more powerful weaponry was possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, we know the highest limits the series can cross, so it’s the best time to line up the weapons and see decisively which one is the most powerful.

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For this list, we haven’t considered collective weapons that can be used in individually, such as the Infinity Stones, as their true power is when brought together. We’ve also taken into account the conditions for using these weapons, the level of destruction they can wreak, and the feats they've displayed.

10 Black Hole Grenades

It’s understandable why these weapons never returned in the MCU, because if they did, they would’ve ended all the films within a few minutes. The black hole grenades created a vortex that sucked the victim inside of it, making it an instant kill.

Its power limits isn’t known, but is understood to be enormous, as a single grenade was able to kill an enemy who had been giving a beat down to Thor of all people. The reason why the grenades aren’t at the top of the list is because they have a limited range, which means not a lot of enemies can be killed with it.

9 Yaka Arrow

Yondu with Yaka Arrow

Now this is a weapon that has a whole lot of range. We saw Yondu absolutely massacre what were about a hundred or so guys in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with just this one arrow, and all within a couple minutes.

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The wielder of the Yaka Arrow doesn’t even need to be physically present in the area to attack the victim, which means it can be used from anyplace. Just a single hit is lethal to common beings, although it most likely can harm superheroes like Captain America, too. The disadvantage of this arrow, though, is that without the fin that controls it, it is completely useless. Using the fin also requires an extreme level of mastery, making the Yaka Arrow difficult to use.

8 Captain America’s Shield

While the shield is usually known as a symbol of Captain America being a defender of the Earth, and is used mostly by the superhero when blocking attacks, it is lethal if Cap wants it to be. That’s because the shield is made of pure vibranium, and that can destroy things such as entire tanks!

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We’ve seen Captain America destroy alien ships, almost all of HYDRA’s weaponry, and defend himself from extreme height falls and bomb blasts, all with this shield alone. Avengers: Endgame showed us beings like Thanos are capable of destroying it, which brings the shield down a few points below in this list.

7 Necrosword

Hoo boy, what a mess Hela left in Asgard upon her arrival in Thor: Ragnarok, and she never once got close to exhausting her supply of Necroswords. These came naturally to Hela, and she produced them at will to either melee combat or fling at her opponents.

It didn’t take her more than a few seconds to kill every last one of the legendary Valkyries, and Thor was clueless against the barrage of Necroswords being flung his way. Surtur showed us that the Necroswords weren’t completely invincible, as even the humongous ones didn’t put him down slightly. But if the entire team of Avengers was up against Hela, you can believe she could’ve beaten them with these swords.

6 Gungnir

The reason why this spear was taken out in Thor: Ragnarok, and seldom used beforehand, was because it would’ve made the fight against Thanos all too easy had Thor used it against him. Gungnir was imbued with the power of Odin, who was the only one in the universe powerful enough to beat Sutur at full power.

Gungnir also won the war for the Asgardians against the Frost Giants, and was used again when Odin wielded it to escape Jotunheim in one single motion. It misses out in top-5 for not having many feats to list, but it’s accepted that Gungnir was most definitely one of the most powerful weapons in existence.

5 Mjolnir

Mjolnir was “nerfed” in recent films Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame due to the worthy enchantment’s logical use effectively beating anyone. Had Thor or Captain America had the bright idea to drop Mjolnir over Thanos, he would never have been able to get up to fight.

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The hammer is imbued with the power of Thor, and we saw Captain America become superpowered enough to both fight and take hits from Thanos. It can summon the clouds themselves and charge insane lightning bolts toward its enemies, with beings like Iron Man being completely incapacitated with a single attack. Unfortunately, Hela destroyed it in short order, and we’ve seen powerful beings be able to parry its offense. But if you apply the worthy clause, no one should be able to lift it at all in a fight.

4 Thanos’ Double-edged Sword

This sword went unnamed in Avengers: Endgame, but it’s a shame we didn’t get to find out more about its properties, because the sword was incredibly powerful. Thanos wielded it with a winning streak of almost a 100-percent, until Scarlet Witch was able to beat him.

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With Thanos’ strength, the sword was able to destroy a vibranium shield, something no one has ever witnessed in the MCU. It was durable enough to withstand attacks of literal towering boulders by Scarlet Witch, and could harm even Captain Marvel. Thanos beat all three of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America with this sword, and Iron Man’s snap is the reason why the sword didn’t prove to be the winning factor for Thanos.

3 Sling Ring

Doctor Strange was always preoccupied by other things during Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame to include himself completely in a fight, and this was done deliberately by the directors because the Sling Ring was too powerful a weapon.

Doctor Strange used it so very far away on Titan to open a portal to Earth, and he could do it anywhere he wanted. The Sling Ring can be summoned to decapitate an opponent within seconds; it can also be used to send the opponent anywhere the wearer wants them. With Battlefield Removal in one’s kitty, any fight can be an instant win. The only thing keeping this from the top is the fact that one has to be wearing the Sling Ring for it to be usable.

2 Stormbreaker

Then again, Battlefield Removal isn’t effective against the wielder of Stormbreaker, which has access to the Bifrost itself. This means the person holding the mighty ax can travel anywhere they want in the universe and launch their attacks in an instant.

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Stormbreaker is also the only weapon that has nullified the offense from the Infinity Gauntlet (although Thanos was taken by surprise there), and it has no limits to what it can penetrate as the weapon sliced off Thanos’ head in one swift motion. It was also going to finish off Thor when in Thanos’ hands, before Captain America rescued him. We still don’t know if anything is capable of destroying Stormbreaker.

1 Infinity Gauntlet

When you’ve got the power to snap away all of the creations in the universe in your hands, could any other weapon measure up? With all six Infinity Stones inserted, the Infinity Gauntlet has no limits to it.

We don’t need to list its feats, as the Gauntlet can literally do anything the wielder wants. If the person wants to destroy everything, they can do so; if the wielder wants to create life within seconds, even that’s possible in a flash. With the powers of time, space, reality, mind, power, and the soul itself, the Infinity Gauntlet is the supreme weapon in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Marvel Multiverse as well.

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