The 10 Strongest Superman Punches Of All-Time

As DC Comics' greatest superhero of all time, Superman has proven about 10 times over that the Man of Steel has the strongest punch ever. If you happen to be a deadly super-villain, whether you're Darkseid or Brainiac, Superman is going to give you a beating that you will never forget. Superheroes just like the Justice League team leader, whether they're Wonder Woman or Batman, have tons to fear if Superman wants to let loose and throw hands. Superman's knockout punch has become so well renowned, that even WWE wrestler Roman Reigns has named his finishing move after it.

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Created by Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster, Superman made his first appearance in Action Comics #1. As his secret identity, Clark Kent has to pretend to be clumsy and uncoordinated at times to fool others. Clark has to appear so mild-mannered that the average person has to believe he doesn't even know how to fight and close a fist. Superman actually learned his fighting spirit from his loving Earth parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. Even though he has superhuman powers, Clark's parents would do anything to protect him from any danger.

10 Doomsday

The Death of Superman featured an all-out brawl between the Man of the Steel and his frightening adversary, Doomsday. Drenched in his own blood, Superman was struggling to stand and keep the fight going. Doomsday had beaten the entire Justice League with one hand tied behind his back.

If Doomsday continued his gory rampage, the citizens of Metropolis would not be able to survive. Knowing he was fighting to save everyone he loved, including Lois Lane, Superman delivered the powerful punch that would ultimately send Doomsday straight to the grave.

9 Cyborg Superman

In the aftermath of the Man of Steel's death, Hank Henshaw pretended to be the resurrected Man of Steel during The Reign of Superman! Now made up of cybernetic parts, Hank wanted to ruin Superman's legacy by destroying Coast City and Metropolis.

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After the destruction of Coast City, the real Superman came back from the dead, but was only at half capacity. When all his powers finally came back, Superman delivered an epic punch straight through Cyborg Superman's chest. Superman then vibrated his arm inside, shattering Cyborg Superman into pieces.

8 Joker

Based on the popular videogame, the Injustice comics followed the events that led to Superman's maddening descent into tyranny. It all started in Injustice: Gods Among Us when The Joker, the clown prince of crime, used Scarecrow's fear toxin on the Man of Steel.

Thinking he was sending Doomsday off into outer-space, Superman actually sent his true love, Lois Lane, and his unborn child, to their deaths. Lois' death then triggered the nuclear weapon in Metropolis to explode. After losing everyone he loved, Superman thrust his punch through Joker's chest, killing him instantly.

7 Wonder Woman

To order to continue his rule over mankind, a tyrannical Superman would do anything to keep his regime under control in Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year 4 #8. The evil Superman even went over to Hades for some assistance. Even though the two were lovers after Lois' death, Wonder Woman found herself going up against the Man of Steel in a trial of combat.

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While Harley Quinn cheered her on, Wonder Woman lost her sword after the Superman shattered the blade with his punch. Superman continued to hurl his punches at her, pulverizing her face until she bled.

6 The Eradicator

During Rebirth, in the "Son of Superman" arc, Jonathan Kent starts to show signs of his superpowers, which attracts the attention of The Eradicator. Because Jon is partly human, The Eradicator believes that part of Superman's son needs to be stripped away.

After the Eradicator attacks Krypto, Superman and Jon unleash their anger after losing their pet dog. Father and son join forces by delivering a one-two punch against their common enemy. The souls of dead Kryptonians give Superman the power to knock out the Eradicator during their fight on the moon.

5 Bizarro

During Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year 5 #20, Superman had to face his mirror age in an epic fight orchestrated by Lex Luthor. Working both sides of the war, Lex Luthor has been collaborating with Superman, while working undercover for Batman's rebellion.

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Lex created Bizarro in his secret lab in order to put an end to the Man of Steel's regime. Though he was a flawed version of Superman, Bizarro understood that he was being physically abused and saw his double as a bully. Superman showed no mercy when he continued to pound his fists at Bizarro's face.

4 Shazam

Even when Superman has grown older and his youth appears to fade, the Man of Steel's punch still packs a wallop. In Kingdom Come, Billy Batson thought his magic would be able to defeat Superman. With an incoming missile on the way, Shazam uses his magic lightning bolt to keep striking at Superman.

Knowing millions of lives are at stake, Superman isn't going to waste precious seconds during his epic fight against Shazam. Superman has to make sure each hit matters, as Shazam describes how each powerful punch feels like an earthquake.

3 Brainiac

The Man of Steel understands that he cannot defeat Brainiac, the extraterrestrial cyborg, with just brute strength alone. Superman knew he had to be ten times smarter and ten steps ahead during the "Brainiac" story arc in Action Comics #866.

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While attempting to free the bottled cities of Metropolis and Kandor, Superman forces the match against Brainiac to take place on Earth. Much like H. G. Wells' novel, The War of the Worlds, Brainiac was unable to handle Earth's atmosphere due to its bacteria. Superman was unable to control himself, sending his punches at a very weak Brainiac.

2 Darkseid


In Superman Vs. Darkseid, the Man of Steel found himself in an intense brawl against the fearsome ruler of Apokalips. Superman has to stay away when Darkseid unleashes his omega beams, which can disintegrate any selected target.

Not even Batman could assist Superman in the battle against the overlord. When the Dark Knight was taken down and an innocent life was in danger, an exhausted Superman stepped in to give everything he's got against Darkseid. Though Darkseid promised to bring death, Superman continued pounding his fists at his face.

1 Mongul

In Superman Vs. Mongul, their battles always take a toll against him each time. Following Cyborg Superman's orders, Mongul is responsible for the deaths of millions with the destruction of Coast City. Because Mongul is invulnerable to harm, it takes more than just physical strength to take him down.

In "For the Man Who Has Everything," Mongul captured Superman and forced him to live in a dream state where Krypton had never been destroyed. After waking up from his dream, Superman let loose against Mongul with a powerful punch, banishing him into a black hole.

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